TechMeg is a boutique information technology services company located just outside of New York City in Bergen County, NJ. We provide a holistic approach to technology services, enabling organizations to focus on growing their business without the worries of being compliant, having the proper security policies and procedures in place, supporting a network infrastructure, desktop management and backup.

Our team has over 20 years of professional experience in customized application development, desktop and network support.

Being compliant and focused on security in today’s ever changing cyber landscape is extremely vital. We will perform a thorough assessment to find lapse security protocols and procedures, ensure system patches are up to date, provide user training, have a detailed disaster recovery plan, and more.

We believe that a project’s success, more often than not, is determined at its genesis. You can expect a level of professionalism, understanding and thought provoking questions from us to truly and fully understand your business requirements and needs.

Connect with us, and let’s get your project off to a successful start.