TechMeg is a comprehensive technology solutions provider, serving the New York City Metropolitan area. We empower organizations to focus on growing their businesses while tending to all technological needs.

Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate. Every day, new security weaknesses are exposed. Many businesses can’t keep up with securing their IT environments, including user training. Quite often, their networks get breached, which comes with lost revenue, high fines, but an even worse: brand degradation and public trust.

It can be very exorbitant to have a dedicated IT department within your business. At TechMeg, we have created a myriad of solutions (security and compliance, infrastructure, business applications, productivity) that will match your IT services need, at a cost that is very affordable.

Our Services

Security & Compliance

Avoid brand damage and financial liabilities caused by non-compliance and weak security protocols.

Security and Compliance

IT Infrastructure

Reduce the burden of managing your company's infrastructure, mobile and software deployment.

Security and Compliance

Business Applications

Take your organization to the ultimate level with the power and intelligence of one application.

Security and Compliance


Enhance business productivity and flexibility by incorporating cloud customer management, project management and collaboration tools.

Security and Compliance
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